KSDK reported last night that Walgreens suspended four Illinois pharmacists without pay November 28 for refusing to dispense the morning after pill. Walgreens said it was forced to take this “drastic action” due to “a new law relating to this type of emergency contraceptive.”
Not remarkably, the mainstream media obfuscated what really happened: Earlier this year, Gov. Rod Blagojevich, during a fit of legislative fiatitis, issued an executive order mandating that IL pharmacists dole out these sometimes abortion-causing pills whether or not they had moral or religious misgivings.
Those advocating abortion “choice” want it one way. They want mothers to have the “choice” to abort their babies but don’t want health care providers to have the “choice” not to participate.
Aside from social politics, fiscal politics are also impacted here. The Associated Press reported recently on the national shortage of pharmacists. In a state already known for its chilly business climate, IL stands to repel not only pharmacists but small-town pharmacies by this law. Walgreens’ action yesterday is merely a forecast of the fall-out.
For more information on the morning after pill, which is also untested and potentially dangerous, btw, read my recent WorldNetDaily.com column, “When Plan B is Plan A,” as well as many other posts I’ve made on this topic.
Hat tip: Reader Angela V.

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