I caught the last half of Tom Cross’s bloggers’ conference call today, in time to hear a question posed whether he thought abortion and gay rights would be election issues.
Part of his response included, “In our caucus, there are a good number that are pro-choice and a larger number that are pro-life.”
This acknowledgement makes me wonder why so many House GOP pro-lifers act like second class citizens.
Particularly irksome is retiscense by more than a few to co-sponsor what should be a no brainer, HB4156, a ban on taxpayer funded human cloning.
The topic of human cloning provokes overwhelming negative response in the polls. How much more of a win would it be to simply support a ban on public funding?
One wimp even said h-h-h-he was afraid he would make Tom Cross angry by signing on. This is ludicrous. My experience with Cross is that he is more open to introducing and helping pass pro-life legislation than supposed pro-life House leaders are and have been.

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