The San Francisco Chronicle headline today downplays the pro-abort violence at yesterday’s March as “boisterous,” but the story and photos more accurately portray the truth.

Th[e pro-life] voice was, by design, mostly silent. Marchers were urged to leave photos of aborted fetuses and signs equating abortion to murder at home. And at a rally before the march, they were urged to ignore those who might try to goad them into an argument….
Abortion rights advocates, concerned that the Bay Area movement has become too complacent, showed up en masse to protest the march. And they took a different approach. Although they were easily outnumbered by the marchers, the pro-choice supporters were loud and confrontational.
Many jeered and taunted the marchers, while others stood along the street, waved wire hangers and chanted slogans.
One group wore sheets and gowns dipped in red paint to symbolize their image of back-alley abortions….
At Pier 7, abortion rights supporters held green balloons and a variety of handmade signs that ranged from the obscene, “F — – your agenda,” to the snide, “Keep your rosaries off my ovaries.” And they chanted: “March for Life, that’s a lie, you don’t care if women die,” referring to fears of unsafe, back-alley abortions if the procedure were to be outlawed.

Note sign in first photo below, “Keep your laws off my body… and I’ll keep my hands off your throat!”
Violence 3.jpg
Violence 2.jpg
Violence 1.jpg
Violence 3.5.jpg
Violence 4.jpg

As marchers closed in on the counter-protest, some softly singing “Ave Maria” or reciting prayers, police kept them in the street and herded abortion rights advocates onto the sidewalk, inserting a line of officers between the two.

Peace 1.jpg
Peace 2.jpg

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