In my previous column I wrote about Oglala Sioux president Cecilia Fire Thunder, who has threatened to open an abortion clinic on South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation if the new state abortion ban is enacted.
It turns out Fire Thunder is a former abortion clinic worker, something she omitted from her resume until two weeks ago.
It also turns out Fire Thunder made her announcement to “establish a Planned Parenthood clinic on my own land” without checking with Planned Parenthood, which has since issued a statement to the contrary.
cecilia fire thunder.jpgFire Thunder also forgot to check with her tribe – again – for which she has now received her third impeachment complaint in less than two years.
It was only this past January that Fire Thunder came off a two month suspension for charges ranging from most interestingly, failure to pay tribal Head Start bills, to embezzlement, fraud, perjury, threats of bodily harm, and trespassing.
The most serious charge was that Fire Thunder pawned tribal land to secure a $38 million loan from another tribe.
But all charges were dismissed without a hearing by a tribal council that included a convicted felon and was also named in that complaint.
Speaking of embezzlement, Fire Thunder is accepting donations for her abortion clinic at her personal post office box in Martin, South Dakota. Checks can be made out to “OST Planned Parenthood Cecelia Fire Thunder,” even though Planned Parenthood apparently isn’t participating….

Read complete column, “Sioux 2: More on leader planning tribal genocide,” at WorldNetDaily.com.
[Photo courtesy of WND.com.]
My thanks to two Native Americans in particular – Terry and Stacy – who provided helpful background information. My impression over the last two weeks from research and emails is that Native Americans by and large consider children sacred from conception.

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