bc pill.jpgIn a recent column, I connected the morning-after pill controversy with the larger issue of contraception. Basically, pro-lifers can’t oppose the MAP without opposing birth control pills, since they contain the same ingredients (female hormones) and, therefore, may both cause abortions – stop an embryo from implanting in the uterus.
Pro-aborts have honed in on this and are using the contraceptive issue as a wedge to separate the public from pro-lifers and pro-lifers from each other, since abortion is no longer the wedge issue it once was with anyone.
See these articles/columns from various sources just yesterday, for instance:

  • The move to withhold contraceptives “was started by a small group of extreme ideologues who claim the right to impose their personal beliefs on the overwhelming majority of the American people,” Mrs. Clinton declared in an email to supporters on Wednesday. “They’re waging this silent war on contraception by using the power of the White House and their right-wing allies in Congress… and so far, they’re getting away with it.”Newsmax.com, May 17
  • They have a plan for you and if you are anything like the 85 percent of American couples who have sex once a week, you’re not going to like it. The pro-life groups who are the most committed to ending legal abortion—and gotten the furthest in their goals—are also leading campaigns against the only proven ways to prevent abortion: contraception. Shocking as it may be, there is not one pro-life organization in the United States that supports the use of contraception. – Op ed by Cristina Page of NARAL NY in TomPaine.commonsense, May 17
  • There seems to be a concentrated effort by the population control crowd recently to paint Republicans as being anti-contraceptive.Human Events, May 17
  • I am a Protestant who opposes contraception, not only because some of its forms may cause abortions, but also – moreso – because the thinking behind contraception makes it the forerunner to abortion.
    I base my thinking on several Biblical concepts. The foremost concept is that God is always described in Scripture as the sole procreative decision-maker. To my knowledge, every incident in Scripture describing pregnancy or barrenness gives God complete credit.
    If that premise is true, who has the right to say no to God? Who can say they have a better grip on timing than God?
    Pro-aborts are right. Contraception is next issue after abortion. And pro-lifers must work it through.

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