AOL posted a poll question yesterday that looks like it is still live. Ms. Magazine is linking to it today, urging its people to vote. Why shouldn’t we?
The question is, “What do you think of Ms. magazine’s listing of women who had abortions?” At the moment, 158,637 have voted, and 48% think it’s a bad idea, 28% think it’s a good idea, and 24% have mixed feelings.
Salon reports Ms. Magazine cried foul to AOL yesterday about the original poll wording, which was, “What do you think of Ms. magazine’s naming of women who had abortions?” The pro-abortion side claims this is why they’re losing on the poll. With them, words hold the ultimate power in the debate, not concepts.
The fact is, no matter how they try, the abortion lobby cannot make Americans like abortion. This is evidenced by apparent public disgust at attempts to invoke abortion pride.
Hat tip: Reader Jeff V.

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