Rev. Jesse Louis Jackson was born Jesse Louis Burns on Oct. 8, 1941, to 16-year-old and unmarried Helen Burns. Helen had herself been born to teenage and unmarried Matilda Burns.
Helen became pregnant with Jesse by next-door neighbor Noah Robinson, a prosperous married man in his 30s with other children. According to laws on the books in all states, Robinson committed statutory rape against Burns. Jesse was the product of that rape.jj2.jpg
It is most remarkable that Jackson is pro-abortion given the circumstances of his birth. He would have to counsel to abort himself….
It is too bad Jesse won’t support South Dakota’s abortion ban referendum, particularly since South Dakota contains the poorest counties in the country, and there is a high rape rate among minority Native Americans….
But Jesse actually does have hope and advice to offer South Dakotans considering their abortion ban, from an essay he wrote when he was still pro-life in 1977….

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