Cindy_s Cindy_r Chicago Sun-Times columnist Cindy Richards must surely be considered as much an embarrassment to the anti-life movement as Cindy Sheehan is to the anti-war movement.  Richards does her side no favors.

Reason #1: Richards uses Valentines Day as a hook to promote abortion in her column today, tacky to say the least….

Read Reasons 2-4 on page 2.

Reason #2: In that column, Richards repeatedly demonstrates how abortion exploits women.  Someone on her side needs to steer her away from describing in great detail the #1 but least publicly supported reason women abort: as a method of birth control. 

Richards paints a romantic picture of flowers, chocolate, dinner and sex tonight followed by a surprise positive pregnancy test in a few weeks. 

In reality, even the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute admits 89% of tonight’s trysting couples will have used some method of contraception, with about that same percentage of mothers later stating they aborted because it was inconvenient.  Women are duped into having casual sex with serious consequences.  It should come as no surprise that young, single men are most supportive of abortion.

Reason #3: Richards is proud pro-aborts have "successfully challenged every attempt to place legal limits on abortion in Illinois."  That’s not actually true.  We were able to battle her side off on infanticide.  But normally pro-aborts don’t publicly promote that they are pro-partial birth abortion, against abortion clinic regulations, and against informed consent, to name three of their extreme positions.

Reason #4: Richards also touts Valentines Day as a day when Illinois teens may become impregnated, and God forbid they have to tell their parents. 

Does she really want to go there?  In actuality, also according to Planned Parenthood and Guttmacher, 1) the younger the teen, the older the impregnator; and 2) underage girls are most often impregnated by adult men.  So after tonight’s gift of a lollipop, the most likely scenario is Mr. Sexual Perpetrating Pig will impregnate little 13-year-old girl. 

Well, Mr. Pig may force Little Girl to take a morning-after pill to hide the evidence of his crime, but that’s a discussion for another time.  Richards also supports that.

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