A headline story yesterday expanded on my Feb 12 blog post, “Bodies of evidence,” about sidewalk counselors reporting a young father to Orlando police who brought his baby, accidentally aborted at home, to James Pendergraft’s Florida abortion mill. Police refused to act.
According to Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel to WND, at least two laws may have been broken….

1. FL state prohibition on late-term abortions outside of hospitals
2. The federal Born Alive Infants Protection Act, which declares born alive babies are legal persons to be equally protected under the law – including the receipt of medical treatment
An autopsy of the baby was called for, but sidewalk counselor Patte Smith said police officers on the scene refused to confiscate the baby. She said one of those officers, Charles May, moonlights as a mill security guard, indicating a conflict of interest.
An autopsy would have determined whether the baby was aborted alive and whether the mother had ingested the drug Cytotec to cause her abortion, which Pendergraft, a convicted felon, would not be authorized to dispense, said Staver.
Orlando police refused to return multiple calls to WND. The baby’s body has most certainly been disposed of by now anyway. Whew. Another close one.
[Photo courtesy WND and Operation Rescue.]

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