The New Jersey Health Department allowed the infamous Metropolitian Medical Associates abortion mill to reopen March 23, after it removed all the rusty crochet hooks from its operating rooms.
The one-month closure also afforded employees time to move OR equipment, which the mill’s brisk pace had heretofore disallowed, to clean the quarter-inch of dark red “dirt and debris” from beneath them.


[Helpful instructions for removing biohazardous waste courtesy of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services]
And finally they could check off sorting surgical instruments from light bulbs in open bins next to the copy machine from their to-do list!…

But egads, after a one-month closure the mill is almost 1,000 abortions behind schedule! The money crunch may force a cut-back of superior staff. Oh, wait, that was never a problem, which would answer the rhetorical questions’s columnist Mike Kelly asked yesterday:

How is it possible that no one on the inside at Metropolitan complained about conditions there? Why didn’t doctors and nurses speak up before inspectors arrived? Didn’t they see anything wrong?

Shame on Kelly for assuming staff knew how to dial the phone – obvious intelligence bias.
Kelly also had it in for politicians:

Even conservative Republicans, who might want to use this opportunity to criticize abortion, have been mum. As for Bergen County’s vaunted Democratic machine – are Democrats afraid to speak about filth in an abortion clinic because they don’t want to be labeled anti-abortion?
The silence again raises a question about Bergen’s Democrats: What do they really stand for besides power grabbing?

Kelly was kidding, right? It’s not called the Party of Death for its influential embalming lobby.
Concluded Kelly:

The problems at Metropolitan Medical go far beyond abortion. This is a story about how we care for vulnerable people, in this case pregnant women.

And babies.

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