black mom.jpgLove the title, a group that supports abortion, gave its blurb this morning about pregnancy care centers reaching out to black women in urban areas: “NPR program features discussion on antiabortion groups targeting blacks in urban communities.”
“Targeting”? Let’s get this straight. PRCs want to save black children and educate and support their mothers, and this is “targeting”?
Meanwhile, according to Alan Guttmacher, Planned Parenthood’s research unit…

Most abortion providers (95%) are also located in metropolitan areas, increasing access to abortion there.

So, duh, also according to Guttmacher…

Black and Hispanic women have higher abortion rates than non-Hispanic white women do…. Over time, women having abortions have become increasingly likely to be poor, nonwhite and unmarried, and to already have one or more children.

The Kaiser story repeated the word “targeting” in relation to PRCs, while remaining tight-lipped about the true culprits, clearly engaged in black genocide:

The Los Angeles Times last week examined antiabortion groups that are targeting urban communities that they have “long considered hostile turf” to draw more blacks to support their advocacy. According to CDC statistics, blacks account for 13% of the population in the U.S., and black women make up 37% of women who undergo abortions.

[Photo, courtesy of LATimes, is of a Texas mother who decided not to abort after being counseled at a PRC.]

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