As reported by The Morning News March 26, the abortion industry is fighting an Arkansas bill that would force mills to post the above sign. Said Planned Parenthood attorney Bettina Brownstein, “This will have a chilling effect, obviously, on abortion providers, and that will be another ground to challenge this bill, if it becomes law, in a court of law”….

Yes, I agree the sign would have a chilling effect on the cozy relationship between abortionists, child predators, and abusive boyfriends. Testified one woman:

“When they asked if I wanted counseling, the question was directed to me, but my boyfriend answered ‘No,’ and they immediately dismissed me. They did not care what I wanted or what I felt,” she said….
[She] said she had a hysterectomy three years later and will never bear a child.

There was also the interesting complaint by one pharmacist that “the bill might be interpreted to apply to pharmacies that dispense morning-after pills or intrauterine devices.”
That pharmacist, Percy Malone, is not coincidentally a Democrat state senator who frequently does the abortion lobby’s bidding.
Nevertheless, the only conclusion to reach upon reading that statement is that MAPs and IUDs cause abortions.
The bill did not pass in committee, but its author thinks it will after she makes a couple changes.

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