The MTV reality-show family who made a courageous choice….

The third season of MTV’s reality show “Run’s House,” which begins April 9, will feature a poignant episode.
Rev. Run Simmons, 42, was a founding member and lead vocalist of the ’80s rap group Run-DMC and is now a preacher. He and his wife of 12 years, Justine, 43, are parents to five children, ages 10-23. The oldest three are from Run’s first marriage.
run's house 6.jpgThe reality show centers around family life at their New Jersey home. The cliffhanger ending of season two was Justine’s announcement to Rev. Run as cameras rolled that she was pregnant, and their subsequent announcement together to their children through a guessing game of charades.
What viewers will learn in season three is the baby, born Sept. 26, 2006, and named Victoria Anne, died two hours after she was born….

They will also learn Run and Justine were told midway through her pregnancy the baby had a birth defect, omphalocele, which causes abdominal organs to grow outside the body.
The Simmonses opted not to abort. They also opted not to tell their children before delivery so that real responses and emotions would be filmed.
So viewers will see the Simmons children being brought into the hospital room and told on camera by Justine that their sister has died…..

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