janet.jpgJanet began posting here two weeks ago and mentioned early on she was post-abortive. Following is Janet’s conversion story. The photo, right, is of Janet, taken from her blog. I applaud Janet’s honesty and bravery.

All through my teen years, I was a huge proponent of women’s rights. After years of preaching about how a woman should be able to do what she wants with her body, there came a time for me to make the choice.
All my friends were pro-choice. No one suggested options. I mean, I was 18, I had a big career and lots of moneyahead of me, I was smart and young, I couldn’t be a mother. No way. There was no choice to make. I was going to have an abortion. And that was it….

My counselor assured me of my decision. Now I could get on with my life, finish college, reach my goals, dump my jerk boyfriend – get my life back.
Next morning, I had breakfast and went off to my abortion. The waiting room was quiet. The abortion was noisy. I threw up on the nurse holding my hand. The doctor was annoyed but silent besides telling me not to move.
Afterwards, I sat in a recliner with other girls my age. We were all still. The doctor, still wearing his mask, told me everything went well. He patted my shoulder and left. Emily held my hand for half an hour, then left.
I drove home. I didn’t talk to anyone. I had made the choice I had been fighting for. All my friends quietly went about me. There was no more talk of rights.

my body3.gif

Then I was 20. I was pregnant again despite the Pill, condoms, foam, and the sponge. Choice time again. My boyfriend asked, “What are you going to do?” After all, it was my body, my choice. I told him to get lost. I remembered the noises. The small something growing, then gone. I looked back over the past two years and saw none of the things that were promised me happened.
After my daughter was born, I knew what I had done two years before was wrong. It wasn’t “it” or a blob of blood. “It” was a baby.
I questioned all the things I previously believed. Hungry for truth, I studied books on life and faith. I looked for meaning. I tried to prove moral relativism – God was what you made God. The harder I tried, the more I became convinced of Christianity. I could not disprove Christ or His Word.
After all this, I became a Christian. I’ve been following Jesus for 11 years now. The mercy and love bestowed on me by the Lord is overwhelming. His Truth is what I’ve been after the whole time.
Right now, I counsel women who’ve had abortions. There are so many stories, so many hurting.
Women’s rights? Choice?
The death of a child is neither.

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