kraut2.jpgProi-abortion columnist Charles Krauthammer said this in his syndicated column on May 11:

Legalizing abortion by judicial fiat ( Roe v. Wade) instead of by democratic means has its price. One is that the issue remains socially unsettled. People take to the streets when they have been deprived of resort to legislative action.
The other effect is to render the very debate hopelessly muddled. Instead of discussing what a decent society owes women and what it owes soon-to-be-born infants, and trying to balance the two by politically hammering out regulations that a broad national consensus can support, we debate the constitutional niceties of a 35-year-old, appallingly crafted Supreme Court decision….
I hope for the day when Roe is overturned, not because I want to see abortion criminalized – I once voted in a Maryland referendum to keep abortion legal if Roe is ever repealed – but to sweep away this ridiculous muddle…. Abortion is already so contaminated with legalisms, why not turn the issue into one of simple democracy? Let the people decide. Let them work it out the way everything else in this country is worked out — by political argument and legislative accommodation.

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