glamour2.jpgThe July issue of Glamour magazine features a story about 28-year-old Erin Zammett, a Glamour staffer who decided to get pregnant despite the fact she has a form of leukemia so serious as to be often fatal until recently.
Erin knew in advance she would have to go off her cancer med during pregnancy, which compounded the controversy of her decision. She is due with a boy Sept. 1.
Erin got hate mail when she wrote in Glamour last summer of her decision to get pregnant.
Stop for a sec before reading on. From whom do you think Erin got that hate mail, pro-lifers or pro-aborts?
Big hint. Here is the email Erin received that she said “got to me the most.”

“Frankly, it disturbs me that you value your own life, and your husband’s commitment, so little that you would risk everything so that your eggs may be fertilized. How selfish.”

Frankly, that sounds like a certain commenter on our blog. Say it ain’t so?
erin3.jpgKudos to Glamour, a decidedly pro-abortion publication, for letting Erin freely tell her story.
Liberal editorial staff must have had a difficult time not striking such lines as, “I started eating for two,” and “I’m very attached to the baby these days. Feeling him move is amazing, and I could stare at the sonogram pictures for hours.”
Then again, this is a wanted baby, so it’s ok to acknowledge him as a person, right?
The story is not yet available online, but you can access Erin’s blog.
[Photo, courtesy of Erin’s blog, is of her and her husband Nick.]

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