enyart2.jpgI was forwarded the following email from a reliable source, sent from Bob Enyart, one of the organizers of the group I wrote about today in my WND column.
The plan outlined is tragic. The email also contains what seems to me a veiled threat:

Hello XXX…
Out of our friendship, and your friendship with XXX, I’d like to let you know that we have begun collecting notarized affidavits toward a class-action lawsuit to recover damages for fraudulent PBA fundraising, so far we’re working with donors in fourteen states. There has been a hesitancy to launch such a lawsuit, but it will be filed against NRLC [National Right to Life Committee] if they disenfranchise CRLC [Colorado Right to Life] (which might happen at a Wednesday hearing in Kansas City, MO). If such a suit is filed, it could expand to target multiple organizations. If you make sure to include Dr. Dobon’s assessment (quoted just below) or its equivalent, in any fundraising effort that mentions PBA, I would then make every effort to exclude your organization from such a suit…..
Thanks again,
Bob Enyart
Also relevant:
Quotes admitting the truth about the legal authority of the PBA ban, a truth that was hidden from donors during the many years of PBA fundraising:
Thomas More Society’s Pro-Life Law Center: special counsel Paul Linton authored amicus briefs to the U. S. Supreme Court in the partial-birth abortion cases, and said of the PBA ruling: “It’s not going to stop any abortions as such,” he said. “They’re still going to take place by other means.”
WorldNetDaily.com’s Bob Unruh wrote about the partial-birth-abortion ruling, that there is “the fact that the legal ruling, itself, does not and cannot be used to proscribe [prohibit] a single abortion….”
FRC in a Washington Post story: “Chuck Donovan, executive vice president of the Family Research Council, a Washington advocacy group allied with Dobson, said… “there are certainly a fair number of people, including in our own building, who think… that, practically, there may not be even one fewer abortion in the country as a result.” The Post quotes another source: “…the partial-birth abortion ban as a fundraising technique has brought in over a quarter of a billion dollars” for major antiabortion groups, “but the ban has no authority to prevent a single abortion , and pro-life donors were never told that….”
Dr. James Dobson : “Ending partial-birth abortion… does not save a single human life.” -Focus on the Family website, May 2007.

FYI, I will post details later how the Partial Birth Abortion Ban has and will help the pro-life effort.

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