I read this interesting post by transgender activist Marti Abernathey on the Transadvocate blog, June 28:

Years before my transition, when asked how I felt about abortion, I would jokingly I would say, “personally, I’d never have one.” It was my way of wiggling out of this very sensitive hot button issue without really answering the question. I don’t have the reproductive ability to carry a child to term, so I always felt the issue didn’t concern me.

marti2.jpg I’ve come to realize over the years that a woman’s right to choose isn’t just about reproductive choice. At its core, it’s about who should be sovereign over your body. If the state can choose who can decide who has an abortion or who has access to birth control, is it that much of a leap to think the state wont try to stop me from modifying my own body?
My own statement, that I’d never have an abortion, misses the point entirely. I’m sure many people would never have sexual reassignment surgery, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have the right to do so.

Please confine comments to the points Abernathey raised. Any comments disparaging Abernathey personally will be deleted.
[Photos of Abernathey courtesy of blogher.org and writers.meetup.com.]

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