New poll
Please be sure to vote on this week’s poll, in the right column. Then comment here on this post, not on the poll website. The question is:

On June 29, its legislature made New Hampshire the first state to repeal its law mandating that at least one parent be notified before his/her minor daughter aborts. Do you agree or disagree with this decision?

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Old poll
Last week, 49 of you answered this question:

If the Supreme Court overturns its 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, what will be the outcome?

The correct answer was…

(C) The states will be free to decide how/if to regulate abortion.

71.4% got that answer right! 12.2% answered (A) All abortions will be illegal; 9.2% answered (B) All abortions except to save the mother’s life will be illegal; and 8.2% answered (D) I don’t know.

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