The first two paragraphs of the July 30 UPI article likely duped the vast unwashed:

Several U.S. health officials argued that the passage of the Partial Birth Abortion Act is forcing more dangerous procedures to occur.
Health officials through agencies like Michigan’s WomanCare have pointed out that since the U.S. Supreme Court passed the act, they have been forced to use medical procedures that make abortions increasingly risky and painful….

Let’s translate.
hodari.jpgThe “U.S. health officials”? Only one was identified: Alberto Hodari, a late-term abortionist.
The “agencies”? A group of six MI late-term abortion mills (seven in August!) named WomanCare.
Whoops. Hodari is WomanCare’s “medical director,” i.e., lead abortionist.
(A July 30 Detroit News article from which this piece was spawned named other “U.S. health officials” and “agencies”: Renee Chelian, executive director of Northland Family Planning Centers, another group of late-term MI abortion mills; Kate Palmer, “a health care advocate at a local abortion clinic”; Janet Crepps, an attorney with the Center for Reproductive Rights; and Vicki Saporta, president of the National Abortion Federation. All unbiased, and none with self-interests, to be sure.)
The “medical procedures that make abortions increasingly risky and painful”? Injecting the heart medication Digoxin into a preborn baby’s heart to cause an instant heart attack and death, which is off-label use according to the FDA.
The journalistic deception here is staggering. Not only is MSM clearly attempting to portray the PBA Ban as dangerous to the health and safety of women according to many health authorities, but also that it’s all our fault.
[Photo of Hodari courtesy of Detroit News.]

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