GumpBoat2.jpgThis guy done good… delivered a baby breech – following proper medical protocol as near as I can tell – who was at least two weeks early. Plus the good captain was able to administer neonate cpr, which is far different than regular cpr. Wow. Don’t quite track that he actually did that for “20 to 25 minutes,” though. Hope baby is ok.
From the Associated Press, today:

When the cook on his shrimp boat went into labor 30 miles offshore [from Freeport, TX], captain Ed Keisel grabbed a new roll of paper towels and a first aid handbook and did the best he could.

He successfully delivered Cindy Preisel’s baby boy, even though the baby’s feet emerged first.
“i’m no doctor, but even I knew that’s not supposed to happen,” Keisel said.
“I reached with my fingers… as gently as I could and popped out his left shoulder and then his right,” he said. “But then the little guy was stuck by his head, being strangled. So I did the only thing I could – I waited for a contraction and then slid my fingers in around the top of his head and scooped him out.”
But the newborn wasn’t breathing, so Keisel gently administered CPR.
“I started giving mouth-to-mouth, three short puffs, and then thumping and rubbing its back,” he said.
The baby began to take short breaths, and after 20 to 25 minutes of CPR, gulped in air. His lips turned rosy and he started crying….
Keisel used net twine, sterilized in boiling water, to tie off the umbilical cord and cut the newborn free from his mother….The baby wasn’t due until mid-September.

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