elisabeth.jpgThe last time we discussed The View conservative co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, she had just announced she was pregnant, which caused liberal co-host Rosie O’Donnell to blog she was hence too delicate to debate any longer about 9/11 conspiracies or the Iraq War. But when Rosie couldn’t help herself and broke her promise, she stepped in it and then tried to blame Elisabeth two days later. But when Elizabeth more than held her own, Rosie got her feelings hurt (interesting to rewatch) and quit the show early. Score one for the power of pregnant mothers.
That was May. My, how Elisabeth has blossomed throughout the summer, to the point she is gracing the cover of the November issue of Pregnancy magazine. So cute, and one tiny sign we are breaking the stronghold of liberal political correctness
Elisabeth answered questions of interest in an interview inside….

PM: Pregnancy hormones and all, how on earth did you keep it together so well during your big argument with Rosie on The View?
EH: I think when you’re pregnant, it kind of goes one way or the other. I almost had the same feeling in me as when I had a championship [softball] game and I was up to bat and the pressure was on. I’m very lucky that tears didn’t come out. But unfortunately when a woman cries, it’s never seen as a sign of strength and never seen in a positive light. A man cries and he’s sensitive, and a woman cries and she’s weak. So, even when you’re debating another woman, the first person to cry pretty much loses.
PM: What are the challenges of being a conservative mother in 2007?
EH: Being a conservative mother isn’t the challenge. Being a conservative in New York City on television is the challenge. Once I had [2-year-old] Grace, I had more reassurance and affirmation as to why I have felt the things that I’ve felt for a long time. And as a mom, now I want to make sure that the decisions I’m making and the votes that I’m casting are going to create long-term benefits for Grace and my next child and hopefully more to come after that.

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