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At Tuesday night’s Aurora City Council meeting, pro-life attorneys presented evidence Planned Parenthood committed further deceit than originally thought by evading the special use permit Aurora zoning ordinances require for nonprofit medical centers. PP did this by creating a for-profit front company, Gemini Office Development.
A nonprofit medical center has to undergo a rigourous approval process that requires public notice in a local paper and public hearings. If a mere 20% of surrounding property owners object, a 2/3 supermajority approval for use by the City Council would be required.
Thursday morning, the Aurora Beacon reported Aurora officials had rejected this argument.
The Chicago Tribune reported a similar response by Aurora officials, although more hesitant.
Around midnight this morning, Aurora attorney Vince Tessitore faxed a response to City officials that included a 2-page memo and 18 pages of corroborating documents.
Tessitore’s conclusion is similar to Eric Scheidler’s in an email he sent yesterday with preliminary thoughts to Aurora’s quick negative analysis of the information presented by pro-life attorneys:

What’s disturbing about this announcement isn’t WHAT the City is saying – because they’re wrong – but THAT the City is saying it.
We handed them a clear way out of this mess. They could have at least said, “Wow, we need to look into this.”
They could have said, “We never considered the special use permit issue because we thought Gemini was a for-profit medical office. This is worth a closer look.”
Instead, less than 24 hours after learning about this important zoning issue, they came out emphatically insisting that the special use permit doesn’t apply to PP.
How is one to make sense of this eagerness to defend PP’s alleged right to do business at New York and Oakhurst? I shudder to think.

It appears more and more certain PP has friendlies on the inside.
UPDATE, 6:56a: Here’s more analysis by Eric on Families Against Planned Parenthood blog. [HT: Jeff a CPLA]
UPDATE, 9:45a: Is it possible Aurora officials were in a position to so quickly disparage Tessitore’s Tuesday memo because someone on the inside changed the zoning ordinance in December 2006 specifically to try to cover for PP?

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