peyton%20place.jpgIt never occurred to me before today that the shorthand we use for Planned Parenthood, “PP,” could also stand for Peyton Place.
Eric Scheidler has posted two juicy lawsuits against PP Chicago Area and its CEO Steve Trombley.
First there’s the one filed by former PPCA head abortionist Murray Pelta. According to the lawsuit, he started aborting for PPCA in 1992, was promoted to chief baby killer in 1997, and was fired by Trombley on February 28, 2007.
Here’s one bit of juice from the lawsuit, leading up to the reason for the complaint (click to enlarge; page break removed for flow)….

Then the reason Pelton got fired (click to enlarge; page break removed for flow):

You can’t make this stuff up. What a seedy, pathetic world these people live in. Understandably.
Pelter also alleged in his complaint that Trombley pegged him as the fall guy after a successful lawsuit of a patient who claimed she was given “improper medical advice” from “non-licensed PPCA personnel, this after Pelter said he had warned Trombley this was bad form.
The second lawsuit was brought by RN Nicole Chesis against PPCA and associate medical director, Darryn Dunbar*. Dunbar fired Chesis on April 10, 2007. It would be a typical disgruntled employee lawsuit except it had to do with PP, which picqued my interest. Accusations flew, and mind you, these are by PP employees, not by pro-lifers:

  • “… changing dates on ultrasounds so that patients would have to pay a higher price for abortion servics….”
  • “… failure to ensure the presence of an anesthesiologist, licensed physician or registered nurse in or around the recovery room when sedation patients are present….”
  • “… unlicensed employees with no medical training, were performing improper ultrasounds and were making ultrasound diagnoses….”
  • “… prescrib[ing] Depo-Provera to a patient with a history of depression” with the counter charge that “prescribing of Depo-Provera to patients with depressive orders is not prohibited….”
  • In that lawsuit Chesis mentioned the names of two other PPCA employees, and since I’m always interested in outting them, here they are: “Tina Boyer, the manager of the Near North Center” and “Rachel Bergstrom-Carlson, PP/CA’s Regional Manager.”
    UPDATE, 11/5, 3p: *I have corrected Dunbar’s title.

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