Hm. A late-term abortionist speaking at a “lunchtime seminar.” Doesn’t sound digestionally conducive to me.
But of all who could stomach it, I expect it would be Medical Students for Choice, the group sponsoring abortionist Alberto Hodari Friday at Wayne State University:

hodari2.jpg“Proud”? Well, I guess only future abortionists would be proud of Dr. Hodari’s bloody trail of deaths, hemorrhages, hysterectomies, and, of course, drawn and quartered late-term babies.
Can you see me raising my hand in cyberspace to ask some questions of Dr. Hodari?
1. Dr. Hodari, can you explain the partial birth abortion procedure you recently argued in favor of? You said the passage of the PBA Ban forced abortionists to commit more dangerous procedures. What exactly are those? And how can abortion possibly be dangerous in safe, legal hands like yours?
tamia.jpg2. Dr. Hodari, would you care to provide details of the abortion you committed on 15-year-old, 6 months pregnant Tamiia Russell on January 7, 2004, that resulted in her death by infection and hemmorhage? And I thought minor abortions without parental consent were illegal? Yet she got this one secretly. Did you report she had been statutorily raped by her 24-year-old boyfriend, Stacy Glenn?
There are many others, but I don’t want to monopolize Q&A. Also found this:


Yes, future abortionists, you’re right that “you won’t get this kind of education in class,” because, of course, abortionists are bottom-feeding losers who didn’t pay attention in class.
[HT: Students for Life of America, which has also established a petition opposing Hodari’s appearance. If he does show, I’d love to hear the place was stacked with pro-lifers.]
UPDATE, 3:50p: I’d like to type the names of WSU’s Med Students for Choice in case any friends, family, dating prospects, job prospects, etc., ever google them. In that case this article will pop up and they’ll know exactly what sort of person they’re dealing with. They are: Kia Jones, Jonathan Oakes, Katie O’Connell, and Cynthia Velting-Kidder.

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