Citizens for a Pro-Life Society is planning a protest today of late-term abortionist Alberto Hodari’s scheduled appearance at the behest of Wayne State University’s Medical Students for Choice for an unappetizing “lunchtime seminar”:

Students for Choice anticipated in their email alert the other day, which I posted, learning from Hodari “what it is to deal with protesters….”
Yet when I listed the names of the apprentice abortionists to give them firsthand experience with protesters not just to sate their curiosity but also prepare them for some of the perks of their intended profession, pro-aborts called me immature and a harrasser.
I don’t underestand why pro-aborts call abortionists noble yet consider free publicity a negative.
I anticipate a good report and photos from pro-lifers of today’s Hodari event.
This will be a great learning experience for the fledgling baby killers. Speaking of fledglings, these kids are young enough for Hodari to have been happy to abort them 20 years back. Who knows, maybe he aborted a sibling.

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