I blogged here and here that Wayne State University’s Medical Students for Choice invited late-term MI abortionist Alberto Hodari to speak November 9.
Students for Life of America was there to catch the 50 minute speech on videotape with two cameras and will be releasing “best of” clips. The first is below.
student2.jpgLet me preface the clip by giving a shout out to the WSU abortion apprentices who invited Hodari: Kia Jones, Jonathan Oakes, Katie O’Connell, and Cynthia Velting-Kidder. I’m not sure which one introduced Hodari, but there’s her picture on the right.
And we upset her, sorry to say. At the close of her intro she said, “I’m sure pretty much everyone here knows that this has been… there’s been a lot of [unintelligible] surrounding this talk. One of our fellow students sent our flyer to the national pro-life people. We are now all blogged on their blogs, and you know, it’s pretty upsetting that a fellow student would do that to us, brand us, so people know what kind of people we are. But we’re here to stay and we’re not intimidated by that and we really appreciate everyone coming out becuase it makes all that perhaps worth it.”
I’m not sure why we would be considered intimidating when the young woman was standing next to a man who has been accused of killing at least two women and maiming many more.
And “brand”? Why would publicizing one’s profession be considered “branding”? She should thank us. I’m hurt. And my dear, you don’t need pro-life bloggers to broadcast what kind of people you are. You’re doing fine broadcasting that on your own.
At any rate, here is the first clip, and it will not disappoint After ridiculing aborting fathers who pass out while observing their child being sliced and diced, Hodari admits to lying to both father and patients about the procedure. Hodari’s braggadocio is quite shocking, quite stupid, actually. What a guy. How long will abortion proponents try to say these quack abortionists are anomalies?

Note this abortionist only lies less now thanks to public education about abortion, no thanks to the industry. This video clip should be shown at every legislative hearing on Women’s Right to Know laws – which the industry always fights. It’s no wonder.

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