Two weeks ago, Laura Bush traveled to the Middle East to raise breast cancer awareness.


When I learned that I, of course, thought of the link between abortion and breast cancer and how wonderful it would be for Mrs. Bush to publicly address it.
But I knew she wouldn’t since Mrs. Bush is pro-abortion….
How perfectly the issue of the sanctity of life would fit into Mrs. Bush’s platform. How stupendous it would be for a first lady to use her public forum to decry abortion….

Mrs. Barbara Bush was a pro-abort, too….
Actually, Gerald Ford, a pro-abort along with his wife, Betty, disputed Bush I’s pro-life conversion. He told Newsweek in 1995, “I know damn well that he and Barbara are pro-choice.”…
Pillow talk. I’m a firm believer. Recall how the wisest man in the world was led astray by it….
It seems to me that if a wife of the two pro-life and otherwise highly qualified Republicans the presidential nomination is coming down to… would say she will make the pro-life issue her platform if first lady…

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