breaking.jpgThe New York Times reports today on its front page that the sole manufacturer of RU-486, a Chinese state-owned drug company named Shanghai Hualian, “is at the center of a nationwide drug scandal” involving contaminated leukemia drugs that caused paralysis in 200+ Chinese patients and an attempted cover-up afterward….

Since its approval in 2000, the FDA has until now never publicly identified the Chinese maker of RU-486, which was first developed in France.
RU-486’s US distributor is Danco Laboratories. Get this. According to the NYT, “Danco, which does not list a street address on its Web site, did not return two telephone calls seeking comment.” Sounds real legit.
One major US drug company, Pfizer, has refused to do business with Shanghai Hualian, due to poor quality. But not so for abortion drug distributor Danco. Par.
More to follow.
UPDATE, 2:25p: The NYT reports the Chinese FDA has stripped Shanghai Hualian’s license to produce cancer drugs but not to produce RU-486. Meanwhile, two company officials have been detained by authorities.
Not to worry, says a Chinese FDA official. Shanghai Hualian’s RU-486 plant is an hour’s drive from its cancer drug plant, which agents have closed.
This is the same Chinese FDA whose top official was executed last year for taking bribes to approve substandard drugs, one of which killed at least 10 people, according to
And don’t forget, the Chinese government owns both its FDA and the drug manufacturer.
headline.jpgUPDATE, 3p: This is all our fault, even though there’s no problem, according to Brilliant at Breakfast. It only took a few hours. ‘Wish I’d timed it.

But, if you read the article, it’s actually about lax import standards, lax FDA oversight, and how the fetophile movement’s influence in government has created an environment in which importation of RU-486 was the only way to get it here.
By running a story with an inflamatory and inaccurate headline, the Times has allowed the RU-486 aspect of the story to overshadow the larger picture, which is that as the pharmaceutical industry outsources more of its manufacturing overseas, and Republican-dominated government insists that any regulation of industry is a bad thing, what we end up with is tainted drugs.

Indeed the larger picture for pro-aborts is that headline, according to other blogs I scanned.
Too bad RU-486 isn’t a pet medication. Then they’d be riled.
[HT: Joe Morris]

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