I’m thrilled this incident created flak and made the news, indicating more sensitivity to the issue of eugenic abortions. From the Associated Press, today:

Comments by a University of North Carolina professor about Down syndrome has angered several students in his class.
Albert Harris told his embryology class on Monday he thinks fetuses with Down syndrome should be aborted. He says he’s made the comment many times before.
But senior Lara Frame of Charlotte said the classroom was no place for Harris to express his opinion. Frame’s brother has Down syndrome and she said Harris’ comments made her physically ill….

Several students in the class said they didn’t think the professor’s comments were inappropriate.
Harris said he wouldn’t follow his own moral position. His wife, then 34, was pregnant with their third child when she suffered major bleeding. Doctors told the couple to prepare for the worst. He said if the child had been born with Down syndrome, he and his wife would have cherished it.

Sounds like major back-peddling to me. Harris thinks Down’s babies should be hunted down and aborted, yet he wouldn’t?
Email Professor Harris your thoughts on his eugenic beliefs at akharris@bio.unc.edu.
[HT: moderator Valerie]

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