horse.jpgDuring last night’s Democrat presidential debate, Barack Obama for the 2nd time said his biggest legislative regret thus far was voting to try to stop Terri Schindler Schiavo’s husband from starving and dehydrating her to death.
According to today’s Miami Herald:

He said he wished he had spoken out when Republican lawmakers tried to stop the severely brain-damaged woman’s husband from removing her feeding tube in 2005.
“It wasn’t something I was comfortable with, but it was not something that I stood on the floor and stopped, and I think that was a mistake.”

That vote was unanimous. This means Obama would be the sole opponent could he turn back the clock. He has earned the ranking of most liberal senator of 2007 and must lament having only ranked 16th most liberal in 2005. A vote to kill Terri would have catapaulted him.
It’s really too bad Terri wasn’t a horse….

As both state and U.S. senator, Obama either supported or co-sponsored measures to stop horse slaughter, particularly since there is a horse factory in IL.
Terri would also have been better off a dog as far as Obama is concerned, because he has supported a legislative crack-down on dog fighting.
Or perhaps had Terri been born a little bird, Obama would have felt compelled to save her life. On his website he states:

I believe that not only does God know when the sparrow falls from its nest, but He is also watching to see who will stop and who will pass it by, and who is kind enough to lift it back.

Or if only Terri had been a convicted murderer. In IL Obama co-sponsored death penalty reform legislation, stating, “no innocent person should end up on death row.”
Or if only Terri were a rooster….
I could go on.
Bottom line: If only Terri were anything other than a helpless, defenseless, innocent human being, Obama would have fought for her to live.

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