To the consternation of campus liberals, Portland State Students for Life in OR – spearheaded by our own commenter Nathan Sheets – last year displayed the poster above (click to enlarge) to commemorate the African-American community’s aborted dead during Black History Month.
The comments stirred by my post yesterday, “Planned Parenthood takes bucks to abort blacks,” resulted in an interesting find.
Pro-abort FetusFascist linked to a Centers for Disease Control stat she thought scored a point for her side….

African Americans are the second fastest-growing demographic in the US. Where is this genocide?

Our resident statistician, moderator Valerie, responded by first thanking FF for locating a table for which she had been searching for weeks. She then used FF’s link to refute:

If you compare from 1960 to today you will see the genocide.
[JLS note: “rate” is number of births per 1,000 women.]

1960 black birth rate is 38.9

1965 black birth rate is 32.9

1970 black birth rate is 26.5
1975 black birth rate is 19.5
1980 black birth rate is 19.7

I think you get the point here. Today the black birth rate is 15.7.
This is called the decline of a race.
Now when we add the rate of black abortion, which is 28 [number of abortions per 1,000 women], you got your genocide. [For CDC corroboration see bottom of table #9.]
Genocide anyone? The birth rate is lower than the abortion rate for blacks.

One other thing.
In 1990 the U.S. Census Bureau ranked Blacks as the largest minority in the US. Hispanics were 2nd.
In 2000 the U.S. Census ranked Blacks as 2nd largest minority.
Hispanics barely edged them out by .2%.
The sun is setting on Black Power, thanks to Abortion Power.

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