Yesterday was Back Up Your Birth Control Campaign Day of Action to promote the morning-after pill, according to a NARAL email alert.
The 2-pill MAP regimen contains 8-20x the potency of 1 birth control pill (see chart below). It has never undergone long-term studies. No one knows how these mega-doses of female steroids will impact women, particularly teens.
But up til now the other side has disputed our logical concern that some girls and women would use the MAP as a primary method of BC if made available over-the-counter. And why not? Much easier than the daily pill grind, and no doctor visits/prescriptions involved.
To this day, PLan B, the most known MAP manufacturer, says don’t do it:
plan b2.jpg
But look what yesterday’s NARAL email alert said:
naral 3-2.jpg
The industry has been whining loudly since last autumn about the government halt to subsidizing birth control pills on college campus “health centers.”
Is not NARAL subliminally advocating the MAP as a primary method of BC? A girl having illicit sex a couple, few times a month or just during spring break may think that’s a great idea.
Aside from that, NARAL’s email alert was just silly….

Read it in its entirety below. Does NARAL think its audience is full of mathematically challenged idiots? It likely is.
NARAL 1st complained about the high cost of MAPS (“$40-70 in pharmacies nationwide”) but then said the high cost of BCs, which sans the government subsidy is “$30 to $50 a month” according to US News and World Report, would drive women to purchase the MAP. I’m not an accounting major but still see NARAL’s fear-mongering is laughable. Could it do no better?
Here is a BC for MAP substitution chart posted by the Feminist Women’s Health Center, a group of northwest U.S. abortion mills, indicating the MAP regimen is a mega-dose 8-20x 1 BC:
NARAL 2-2.jpg
NARAL email alert, March 25, 2008:
NARAL 1-2.jpg

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