Well, thanks!
I’ve been informed I made Women’s Voices Women Vote’s list of top 10 female bloggers due to your votes!
I mentioned earlier this month having received notice of the contest and that I’d sure like to see a pro-lifer make the list. Thanks!
WVWV is now holding a run-off, although I’m seriously content just to have made the the top 10.
It does appear by the bios and a scan of my competitions’ blogs I’m not only the sole pro-life woman represented but also the sole conservative.
And my oh my, at least one of my liberal sisters apparently can’t handle the 9:1 ratio, in particular little ole me! Wrote Taylor Marsh

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But a word about Jill Stanek. She is one of the most virilently anti-civil rights for women activists on the “pro-life” side. Though I, for one, will never understand how dictating to a woman how she lives her own life is being “pro-life.” But Stanek is very popular, in fact the most highly trafficked blogger in her category, so credit where it’s due. But let me be blunt. In the 21st century it would be a wonderful change if the conversation on abortion wasn’t put in terms as strident as what moves Ms. Stanek.

Virilent, strident? Moi? LOL.
Anyway, thanks again.

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