I’ve written before on the war between pro-aborts over Hillary and Obama (“NARAL calls for truce,” “NOW NYS prez ‘fights like a girl,'” “Divine secrets of the political yo-yo sisterhood”).
Now liberal bloggers have joined the melee. Reported The Hotline yesterday….

Last week we observed that the increasingly contentious Barack ObamaHillary Clinton battle was dividing the liberal blogosphere into pro-Obama and pro-Clinton blogs.
This trend appears to be continuing, with a group of pro-Clinton bloggers launching a boycott of the popular liberal blog Daily Kos (which is currently dominated by Obama supporters).
Pro-Clinton diarist Alegre announced that she would stop posting on Daily Kos in order to protest “the abuse and anger” directed at her by Obama supporters, and she urged other Clinton supporters to do the same….

Great minds think alike. On March 13 I finally had enough of this blog’s most abusive and notorious liberal poster Laura, aka FetusFascist. I told her to go away until she could speak civilly.
Turns out Alegre nailed her cyberstrike notice to Daily Kos’s cyberwall the following day. So far 68 bloggers have joined her.
The New York Times added this interesting footnote:

If the rift lingers after the primaries, the organizational value of the blogs could be compromised.
Joe Gandelman at The Moderate Voice blog writes: “Where progressive and moderate bloggers and commenters used to get worked up arguing about George Bush, there now a real angry, scolding tone in many comments left by Clinton and Obama supporters.”
He continues: “In short, the strike/boycott is a symptom – and with so many months to go until the Democratic convention, the prognosis for true Democratic Party unity going into the election seems ‘questionable’.>”

Now if pro-lifers and conservatives can manage to keep our wits about us, the red sea is parting.

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