Here’s a new, tragic twist, thanks to abortion.
lage.jpgOn November 6, 2007, 24-year-old Logan Lage (pictured right) was fleeing in his vehicle from police in Grand Junction, CO, when he crashed into an SUV being driven by 26-year-old Shea Lehnen, 8-1/2 months pregnant. Police found marijuana and heroin in Lage’s vehicle.
The injured Shea was rushed to the hospital, where an emergency c-section was performed. Coincidentally, Shea had been scheduled for a routine c-section….

Lileigh Lehnen was born alive but died hours later from asphyxia. According to the Aspen Times, “Coroner Dr. Robert Kurtzman ruled the baby’s death as homicide and said the collision damaged the mother’s placenta, restricting blood flow to the baby.”
So Lileigh was fatally injured when preborn but died of her injuries after being born.
But on March 19 Judge Richard Gurley tossed homicide charges stating Lileigh was not a person at the time of the crash. He wrote in his ruling:

To qualify as a “person,” three conditions must obtain at the time of the homicidal act: (1) the victim is a human being; (2) the victim has already been born; and (3) the victim is still alive.

The district attorney’s office, which has vowed to take this case to the state Supreme Court if need be, argued Lileigh was viable at the time Lage crashed into her mother’s vehicle.
Lage’s public defender argued “Lileigh Lehnen was neither a ‘person’ nor a ‘child’ at the time of the crash, according to state law,” according to the Grand Junction Sentinel.
In 2002, I testified before a CO Senate committee when pro-lifers were trying to pass a state Born Alive Infant Protection Act. Democrats stopped it. This would have ensured Lage was properly charged with murder.
Now pro-lifers are attempting to add a “personhood from conception” amendment by way of citizen referendum. This would also ensure pathetic losers like Lage get their just reward.
[HT: readers Keith Mason and Robert; Lage mug shot courtesy of KJCT news]

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