pregnant man3.jpgThis morning Oprah’s show will be on “The Pregnant Man,” which is also how newscasts are portraying her (see right).
Her. In reality, she’s a terribly mixed up woman.
Born a beautiful girl named Tracy Beatie, she experienced a traumatic childhood with an absentee father and mother who committed suicide when Tracy was 12. Tracy experienced normal teenage dating years that included a modeling stint and being a Miss Hawaii Teen USA finalist….

tracy girl.jpgIn college Tracy supposedly discovered her “true gender identity,” according to the Oprah blurb, and became a lesbian. By her mid-20s she was a cross-dresser. Then she had her breasts cut off, began taking testosterone, started going by the name Thomas, and settled down with (“married”) Nancy.
Thomas kept her female reproductive organs because she wanted to have a baby. Nonetheless, she says her male identity is intact. Quoting Thomas from the Oprah site, “I have a very stable male gender identity. I see pregnancy as a process, and it doesn’t define who I am. It’s not a male or female desire to want to have a child…it’s a human desire. I’m a person, and I have the right to have my own biological child.”
Well, no, having biological children is not a “right,” but that’s another topic.
And wrong, pregnancy is solely a female attribute. As much as Thomas, MSM, and liberals love to try to mix up genders, thereby confusing unstable masses with minds full of mush, the fact is Tracy/Thomas is a woman who wants to be a man who wants to enjoy the perks of womanhood.
Click here to see the Oprah/People magazine preview. Click on video graphic below to watch Thomas’ ultrasound, admittedly touching. She is a pregnant mother after all:
Those worried about the baby’s physical health should know Thomas stopped taking testosterone 2 years ago. Her female hormone levels are now normal, according to her doctor.
Also watch this OR Fox newscast (subtitled in Spanish, all I could find):

I don’t fault this woman for wanting to have a baby. Most women have a maternal longing, as it should be. And by all appearances it looks like this baby girl will be raised in a loving home.
But Tracy sadly displays aberrant gender behaviors. She and the GLBT crowd try to make their abnormal sexual behaviors appear normal by actions such as this.
[HT: reader JLM]

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