In search of taboos to breach for breach’s sake, the liberal artistic community is finally dredging the bottom of the barrel: abortion.
Interesting that it took them longer to mock abortion than crucifixes.
You likely missed the comedy video sketch Damon Wayans of WayoutTV.com posted last week called “AbortionMan.” So I’ll describe it for you, or you can view it at YouTube.
In “AbortionMan” a young woman calls her boyfriend to tell him she’s pregnant….
[T]he sleazy guy hangs up the phone and calls for AbortionMan to rescue him from the plight of progeny….

AbortionMan makes quick work of things, kicking and punching the mother in the abdomen and stomping on it when she collapses to the ground. The stomp aborts the crying, bloody preborn baby, who flies through the air and lands in the bushes where he or she presumably dies….
Damon made this sketch for the negative attention buzz, to make people like me mad. Celebrities desperate to hold the waning spotlight are so sad….
One person getting way more negative attention than she expected was Yale art student Aliza Shvarts.
Last week, the Yale Daily News announced Shvarts’ exhibit in a senior art show opening yesterday would feature a number of her own very young self-aborted children, mixed with blood and smeared on plastic sheeting wrapped around a cube and suspended from the ceiling.
On the surrounding walls videos would play Shvarts completing her self-abortions in a bathtub.
Shvarts said she obtained the human elements of her project by artificially inseminating herself multiple times over the course of nine months and then ingesting abortion drugs.
These episodes put abortion advocates in a terrible position….

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