ortho.jpgEvery now and then there is clarity on the Left.
Feminists hyperprotect contraceptives from adverse publicity, since they supposedly equalize the sex-playing field. They’re also a huge money maker.
We on the Right are called Neanderthals for pointing out hormonal contraceptives in particular are dangerous to women, infusing small or large amounts of artificial female steroids into a woman’s body on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and decades-long basis. With no more information than that, red flags should be raised. But feminists bat them down.
Now comes an April 14 New York Times editorial calling for harmed women to have the freedom to sue the manufacturer of the dangerous Ortho Evra bc patch…

Johnson & Johnson obscured the fact that its Ortho Evra birth control patch delivered much more estrogen than standard birth control pills, thereby increasing the risk of blood clots and strokes. More than 3,000 women and their families have sued the company.
The company is arguing in court that the women can’t sue because the patch and its labeling were approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the presumed authority on drug safety. But the disturbing element is that the company seems to have done its best to mislead the FDA, as revealed in company documents made public as a result of the lawsuits….
The FDA has since required label changes citing evidence that patch users are at higher risk of developing serious blood clots than women using birth control pills. Even so, the agency continues to insist that Ortho Evra is a safe and effective method of contraception.
Whatever the merits of this case, it would be a mistake to rely solely on the FDA’s judgment. The agency is short of skilled scientists. If a company buries important information deep in the bowels of a report, the agency may not detect it or appreciate its significance. Injured patients should not lose the right to sue if they are harmed by duplicitous manufacturers.

Will feminists now include the NYT editorial board in their list of Neanderthals?

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