by Steven Ertelt
Planned Parenthood continues to do everything possible to protect its abortion income — including claiming a pro-life view is a turnoff for women voters.
Yet polling data shows 64 percent of women voters don’t want a candidate who voted against the partial-birth abortion ban; 68 percent don’t want a candidate who supports taxpayer-funded abortion; and 73 percent don’t want a candidate who opposes parental involvement.
Who holds those kinds of radical pro-abortion positions? Oh yeah — Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
With data like that, it’s no wonder Bush had a 9 percent advantage over Kerry among voters who said abortion was important and won single issue abortion voters 3-1.
Obama and Clinton have a long way to go to prove to voters they’re not the radicals they really are — and with Obama’s repeated attempts to block the “live birth abortion” bill in Illinois, he can’t been seen as anything but an extremist.

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