Good for them. They may sue if the school doesn’t reverse its decision.
Reported today about administrative action at Anthony Wayne High School in Whitehouse, OH:

They wanted to send a strong message about the sanctity of life, but some local high school students say they were punished for their beliefs….

silenced 2.jpg

The T-shirts read, “Abortion is homicide.” The students wore the shirts on April 21 to mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion in the U.S.
“We were told we could take the shirts off, turn them inside out or face a two-day suspension,” says senior Kristen Norman. The students say they felt so strongly, they were willing to face the consequences until the school district began adding on more punishments….

“We were told we would not be able to go to our senior prom, would not be able to participate in senior skip days, go to a senior picnic or walk at graduation,” Norman says.
The Anthony Wayne school district tells News 11 they have no comment on the incident.
The American Life League, however, says in order to force the students to hide the message on their shirts, the school must have evidence the students’ actions disrupted discipline at the school.
“If they do not do anything else to change their decision… it could lead to legal actions,” says senior Jamie Pellek

WTOL is running a poll, asking if the school’s action was right or not. It’s running 80% against the decision now. Vote at top of article.
Click the graphic below for the link to the news video:


[HT: Rock for Life]

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