Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgIt is unprecedented that an entity being prosecuted files a lawsuit against the prosecutor, but that’s exactly what Planned Parenthood of Overland Park, KS, did in June 2007 against Johnson Co. DA Phill Kline.
Kline had charged the clinic with aborting minor girls and not reporting the abortions to the state, and then falsifying medical documents to cover up.
Then PP asked the KS Supreme Court to seal the documents case, which incredibly it did.
Today, the Supremes unsealed them.
Here is what the court docs prove, now being given the light of day…

  • The SC has rejected former AG Paul Morrison’s letter supposedly clearing PP. PP had waved Morrison’s letter in front of the Supremes and asked them to drop Kline’s case. The Supremes said NO. The court records prove Morrison tried to return evidence to PP, which gave him campaign $$ exactly to help PP hide evidence of its criminal activity. Click to enlarge Morrison letter:

  • Kline has always protected women’s privacy. All patient abortion records had names and personal identifiers removed. There was never any danger of identities being revealed.
  • Kline has been given proper legal clearance to possess the 90 abortion records he now holds.
  • Two judges who have seen the evidence against PP have found probable evidence that crimes were committed.
    This is a clear victory. Kline has maintained all along the sealed material should see the light of day. No more hiding for PP.
    Now KS courts must allow the rule of law to prevail.

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