Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgStudents for Life of America has discovered a $50 million lawsuit filed February 12 against Planned Parenthood Metropolitan in DC by the mother of a barely 14-year-old daughter whose abortion it botched, leaving the girl infertile.
John Valente, attorney for Emma Jean Butler, mother of Shantese Butler, has given SFL the go-ahead to publicize the lawsuit, on pdf file here.
Shantese’s baby was conceived during a rape committed when she was 13….

The day after her D&C abortion, Shantese was taken to the Civista Medical Center emergency room complaining of severe abdominal pain and inflammation.
During emergency surgery doctors discovered “severe abdominal bleeding… severe vaginal injury… severe injury to the cervix… significant uterine perforation… a small bowel tear… [t]hat a significant portion of the fetus… was also found inside the minor Plaintiff’s abdomen…. [and] [t]hat the minor Plaintiff, Shantese Butler, is now infertile for the rest of her life….”
PP in its response denies everything, with this kicker:

(d) That the Court award Planned Parenthood its costs and expenses, including its attorneys’ fees, incurred in responding to Plaintiff’s complaint; (e) That the Court grant Planned Parenthood such other and further relief as the Court may deem just and proper.

pp met.jpgSo PP wants damages.
PP also refuted the claim stating, “Plaintiff’s claims are barred by the doctrine of informed consent.”
SFLA’s executive director Kristan Hawkins responded, “[I]t is outrageous that Planned Parenthood thinks they are excused from being held liable because Shantese was informed of possible risks associated with abortion. In no other medical profession would this be acceptable.”
Valente told SFLA he has just learned the name of Shantese’s abortionist and will soon release.
Coincidentally, the April African-American protest getting so much press was held in front of this PP abortion mill.
Hawkins just informed me pro-lifers got 3 aborting mothers to change their minds at this mill Friday just by distributing copies of the lawsuit.
[Photo of pro-lifer standing outside PP Metropolitan courtesy of]

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