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Democrat strategist Bob Beckel, known to underplay problems within his Party but still somewhat of a straight shooter, just mentioned on Fox & Friends he is worried about a rumor he’s heard about Michelle Obama – a bomb Republicans are supposed to drop tomorrow.
Beckel wouldn’t elaborate but here’s the scoop, from, yesterday…

There’s a major buzz in the blogosphere: according to Fox News and other networks and newspapers, there’s a major rumor out there that could very well destroy Barack Obama’s chances of winning the general election in November (or at least severely hurt his chances). According to this rumor, at least one of the American networks has a tape in its possession on which Michelle Obama, Barack’s wife, can be heard making “outrageous, at best” comments about white people during an appearance at Trinity Church, Chicago….
The main question that needs to be answered right now is whether it’s true or not. Larry Johnson believes that the rumor is true and adds that “people who have seen the videotape say it’s stunning.”…

At this moment, it’s not more than a rumor… and it should be treated as such. Some may dismiss the news out of hand, but it seems to me that honest bloggers should simply report the rumor, point out that this is exactly what it is (a rumor), and wait for things to happen….
Larry says that his contacts said that their contacts said that the tape includes Michelle in a rant against whitey while sitting on a panel with Louis Farrakhan at Wright’s [sic] church.

Note in this June 1 Fox News clip, Democrat strategist Michael Brown does not necessarily deny the tape exists but spins it as Republican smear:

Not so fast. It would be early for Republicans to drop a bomb like this. They would wait until Obama had the nomination sewn up. It would make more sense that the Clinton campaign has the tape – or started the rumor – and could explain why she hasn’t dropped.
Johnson, a former CIA operative, was supposed to produce the videotape yesterday but did not. Still Beckel mentioned it today. But it is Day 3 of the rumor, and if a network indeed has the video, wouldn’t it have run it by now? National Review Online’s Jim Geraghty, yesterday:

But right now I think the evidence suggests this is a hoax, and that we will never see tape of Michelle Obama saying these particular controversial remarks. The timing of this rumor’s surfacing is conveniently perfect to scare superdelegates, and the idea that it’s in the hands of sinister Republicans explains why fans of Hillary are eager to talk about it but unable to produce it.

Whether or not the rumor is true, note it was a liberal blogger who first put it out there and liberal blogs that have been fueling it. From what I read, particularly if untrue, this rumor is contributing to the breakdown between Clinton and Obama followers. Wrote Booman Tribune, an Obama supporter:

This election has ruined a lot of friendships. I have tried hard not to let it ruin mine. But smears of this type are unforgivable. I have been forebearing. Perhaps, in retrospect, I have been too forebearing. That’s all I say. This is too painful to me.

Some may wonder what any of this has to do with our issue. 2 points:
1. I would prefer Obama get the nomination, to bring his Born Alive and other radical abortion votes into the conversation. So I have been tracking the nomination process closely.
2. I’ve been reporting since December about the growing rift between Obama and Clinton camps, particularly among pro-aborts (here, here, here, here, here, here, and here). Their infighting can only hurt their ability to promote abortion, and rumors such as this will make repairs that much more difficult.

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