From U.S. News & World Report yesterday:

The nation’s largest abortion-rights group today released a poll of likely women voters in 12 battleground states that suggests… John McCain could lose the support of significant numbers of independent and pro-choice Republican women – if they are educated about the AZ senator’s antiabortion voting record.

Ok, underlined are your first clues this article is biased, in fact, just a reworking of the NARAL press release.
spin spin.jpgFor instance, the USN reporter merely reordered NARAL’s “McCain’s votes against birth control access” to “his votes to limit access to birth control,” which is pure spin. McCain opposed forcing insurance companies, such as those owned by Catholics, to fund contraception against their moral beliefs. As usual, so much for choice….

Also note 109 words dedicated to McCain’s pro-life position to 27 for Obama’s counterpart, summed up with “Obama has called a woman’s right to choose legal abortion a ‘fundamental freedom…'”
All that set the stage for NARAL’s “balanced description of the candidates’ respective positions on choice,” preceding its poll:

Obama: “Barack Obama believes that the decision to have an abortion is profoundly difficult for women and families and that these decisions are personal, between a woman, her family, her God, and her doctor, and that politicians should stay out of it. As president, Obama will oppose any constitutional amendment to overturn Roe v. Wade, and he will work to reduce unintended pregnancies through prevention and education by expanding access to birth control and sex education.”
McCain: “John McCain is pro-life, and on the issue of abortion, he opposes a woman’s right to choose. McCain says that, quote, ‘abortion is a human tragedy,’ and he believes that we must end abortion by overturning Roe v. Wade. As president, he will nominate Supreme Court judges who will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade and return the issue to the states to decide.”

Imagine how would the poll have turned out had NARAL accurately described Obama’s position:

Obama: “Barack Obama supports abortion so strongly he advocates infanticide. Wow. Obama also supports partial birth abortion – you know, when the abortionist delivers a baby breech up to the head, punctures his skull and suctions his brain out. Why, Obama even raised money on that one.

obama planned parenthood.jpg

Obama will work to prevent unintended pregnancies by opposing notifying parents if their daughter’s rapist plans to take her for an abortion, even if out-of-state. Obama supports comprehensive sex ed of kindergartners that would teach them to how to avoid STDs and HIV*. Obama also supports giving 9-year-old girls birth control pills without their parents knowing. Obama and Planned Parenthood have admitted working together to kill the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, that would have stopped hospitals from shelving babies to die in soiled utility rooms. Obama also supports giving more of our tax dollars to that billion dollar abortion cartel.”

*Here is info on Senate Bill 99, approved in Obama’s infamously liberal IL Senate Health & Human Services Committee in 2003, with this language:
kindergarten sex ed.jpg

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