orland sentinel logo.pngOn May 24 the Orlando Sentinel published a story describing Terri Schiavo as “brain dead,” even worse than the oft-cited yet wrong “persistent vegetative state” MSM more often attributes to her. Brain dead is what one is at organ harvest time, kept alive only by machines.
After repeated attempts to contact OS by phone and email, Terri’s brother Bobby Schindler finally got through to a Mr. Dana Eagles, informing him OS’s depiction of Terri was “patently false.”
He directed Eagles to the press release the family recently issued reexplaining for the millionth time Terri’s correct diagnosis, “disabled” or “brain-damaged.” Bobby even offered to send Eagles Terri’s medical documents indicating not even doctors paid by Terri’s husband Michael ever diagnosed Terri as “brain dead.”
The next day came this email to Bobby…

orlando sentinel.jpg
Wesley Smith deciphered the email on his blog:

In other words: We’ve been wrong and we aren’t going to change now.
More to the point, Bobby wasn’t expressing a “point of view.” He was describing a fact about his sister’s medical condition. Any neurologist, any doctor, heck, any bioethicist could tell Messrs Shaw and Eagles that. But they just don’t care. The paper has loathed the Schindlers throughout the case and that has been reflected in its reportage. And now we have proof that even accurate reporting will be sacrificed to further their advocacy agenda.

Epilogue: Bravo for the Schindlers, they didn’t accept the brush-off. They had their attorney David Gibbs write a letter to the paper on May 31. And surprise: OS changed its depiction of Terri:
severely brain damaged.jpg

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