Pro-aborts are lambasting because it presents the other options to unplanned pregnancies. 2.jpg
Since when do pro-aborts own the term? They push one choice, abortion, and we push the 2 other choices, parenthood and adoption. We’re 1/3 more pro-choice than they are.
But writes our high strung friend Jessica at

Before today, I never visited And I’m sincerely hoping others haven’t either. Because the site, rife with rhetoric about ‘choice’, is actually an anti-choice website that contains gems such as “[abortion is] the death of another less developed human being” and “the dirty little secret is that Abortion providers are interested in their bottom line YOUR MONEY.”
The bull**** goes on and on, in all of their sections on adoption, abortion and parenthood. The kicker? There’s a little “Under Development” icon of a waving (yes, waving) fetus.
Consider my day ruined.

Is Jessica (nice logo, btw) saying abortion is not the death of another less developed human being?
feministing.jpg What then does abortion do, Jessica?
And these money-making abortion mills are in it for humanity’s sake?
Then why aren’t they free charities, say, like, pregnancy resource centers? No pregnant mother is ever charged for any service at a prc, but it costs ~$1k from beginning to end to serve every client and baby, way more than most abortions cost.
And Jessica, have you not read about Planned Parenthood’s “bottom line” last year – a cool $1 billion? Explain, please?
Pro-abort blogger meanjean at thatmakesmenervous also flipped:

I just picked up this information from and it totally disgusts me: It seems that the website is actually an ANTI-CHOICE site. That’s right, by masquerading as a safe place to visit by women who actually are seeking help it promotes its anti-choice stance….
For a lot of women, in different situations, abortion is an option. Its subversive, manipulative people like whoever put up this site that are trying to cheat women out of their own right to choose what they do with their bodies. Just disgusting.

We get it, meanjean is disgusted. But what’s “subversive and manipulative” about explaining all the options, meanjean?
And Joshua at Emancipate Yourselves from Mental Slavery fumed:

It’s a blatant show the conservative leanings of website [sic] and ignores all of the medical information to jump right into the conservative doctine. It ignores medical procedure and jumps straight to this bull****….

Oh, really, Joshua? “ignores all of the medical information” and “medical procedure”? Joshua, can you read? Did you not spot this information on “descriptions of abortion options”? Precisely tell me where it erred?7 weeks.jpg
Perhaps Joshua can’t read, only write. I find lots of liberals suffer from that strange affliction.
Joshua, would pictures of abortion help? links to them, too, like the 1 on the right here.

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