The utterly subjugated Canadian pro-life contingent is breaking through the silence barrier (what we’d see in the US without 1st Amendment rights) to protest its Parliament’s July 1 announcement to present abortionist relic Henry Morgentaler Canada’s highest public award, the Order of Canada.
Liberals and the media are rallying around their hero. That’s the backstory to this sad tidbit in a pro-Morgentaler puff piece today – a vision of abortions to come if the US ever nationalizes health care:

Until last February, an abortion cost $350 at the Montreal Morgentaler clinic, and the clinic did more than 2,000 a year, or 10 to 15 a day. But things changed in February, after the Quebec government finally agreed to cover the cost of fees in private abortion clinics.

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It had always covered the doctor’s fee, but it drew the line there. Now, Quebec is one of seven provinces in Canada where the full cost of abortions in public hospitals, as well as private facilities, is covered.
“Now that abortions in private clinics are free, a lot of women who couldn’t afford the $350 before are now calling us,” [clinic manager France] Desilets said. “Calls have quadrupled since February.”…

To keep a lid on demand, the government has imposed quotas on the Morgentaler clinic, as well as four other private clinics on the Island of Montreal.

The result of rising demand and quotas has been an increase in waiting times for an abortion at the Morgentaler clinic: Women had to wait one to three days before February; now, the wait can reach three weeks.

You’d think Desilets would be happy – abortions are free in Canada! – but she’s not. The aforementioned Morgentaler award has prompted a “contentious” pro-life outpouring of baby Jesus pictures:
baby jesus 2.jpg

But the wreaths and pictures of the baby Jesus have reminded the clinic’s staff of 20, including four female doctors, that they are working on contentious social ground.
“We’re seeing the re-emergence of anti-choice views that have been dormant in Quebec, ” Desilets said. “It’s been a bit of a bubble-burster for us. You think everything is great, but then these little incidents happen.”

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