Leslie Hanks is a dear friend of mine and friend of this blog. She posts comments here using the moniker, “lesforlife.” She is an integral part of American Right to Life and also runs the Passionate Prolifer blog.
Leslie’s family has recently received unfathomable news about one of her 22-month-3-year-old twin granddaughters, Tuesday. As her friend Judy explained in an email:

Tuesday… has just been diagnosed with adrenal cancer and is sufffering through chemotherapy since the tumor is inoperable.
Leslie came and ministered with us one day at Alternatives and soon afterward that killing kafe closed. Leslie boldly confronted Quennie DeHaan with her camera and asked him pointedly how he could do what he did. 85-year-old Quennie responded in a smart-a** manner but, it was apparent he had not been face to face with boldness like Les presented to this hired killer. I am convinced that it was just one more straw that caused this abortuary to close its doors and it remains that way to this day….

Now this fearless grandma needs our prayers to bring complete healing to Tuesday. Confront death on Tuesday’s behalf, if you would. Pray that she will only be a short time in ICU and be able to come back to her happier room at the hospital where all her “stuff” is. Pray for her mom and dad that they will experience that “peace that passes ALL understanding” that we have all seen born out in so many God-situations.
What a wonderful “earthly” reward it would be if the Lord would restore total health to Tuesday and honor this faithful “grandma” to so many little lives who have lived because she pled for their lives.

Leslie emailed me the photo of Tuesday in ICU, attached to an IV.
Please join me in praying for Tuesday and her family.

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