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  • Thom Peters of the American Papist blog applauds an Our Sunday Visitor article calling attention to some Catholic hospitals in TX that are allegedly sterilizing and even committing abortions, even though they are not allowed to do such procedures. Thom says…

    In situations where ignorance and confusion are the main obstacles that have to be overcome, a prudential publication of information (as OSV has done) is the best path to a speedy solution. May that hold true now.

  • Suzanne at Big Blue Wave has a post on the fact that Facebook deems images of stillborn babies to be offensive. Not sure how that’s offensive, Facebook.
    I find Suzanne’s post extremely interesting, especially since yesterday I saw a very offensive ad calling for “Young Asian Female Egg Donors” on Facebook. (Is it just me, or is that racist?) How are personal images of stillborn babies offensive and egg donor ads (an unethical, dangerous, degrading practice) not offensive?

  • Jack Yoest at Reasoned Audacity has posted an “Obama vs McCain Live-Birth Abortion Matrix“:

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